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On the plasticity mechanisms of lath martensitic steel


K.R. Jo, E.J. Seo, D.H. Sulistiyo, J.K. Kim*, S.W. Kim, B.C. De Cooman

Materials Science and Engineering A 704 (2017) 252-261


Constitutive modeling of the tensile behavior of Al-TWIP steel


J. Kim, Y. Estrin, H. Beladi, I. Timokhina, K.G. Chin, S.K. Kim, B.C. De Cooman

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 43 (2012) 479-490


Stretch‐Flangeability of High Mn TWIP steel


L. Chen, J.K. Kim, S.K. Kim, G.S. Kim, K.G. Chin, B.C. De Cooman

Steel research international 81 (2010), 552-568

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